The Music Series evolved from living with a musician and seeing the egos at work and the development of relationships .

We all have memories of musical experiences.

I try to make the viewer see the music being played ...and the emotions running just beneath the surface.

All of these originals have been sold but prints are available in any size from 40cm to 1.2 m. They are on canvas.


Comfort Zone

Yo Bros

Wine Women and Song 1

Play Nicely 1


Kreutzer Sonata

If Music be theFood of Love, Play On.

Wine Women and Song 2

We've All Been There!

Play it Again, Pete

String Quartet

It's that Time of Night

Pianner Bar

Loves of our Lives

if you've Got it Flaut.It.

Practice Makes Perfect


Lilies of the Field

Mandolin Play

Grande Finale

© 2019 Veronica Holland

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