I have a  random collection of photographs from travelling, photos of familiar objects and places and images from advertising, graffitti, the internet, Old Masters and my own paintings. 

These form the basis of these Photoshop Montages


I have been developing these intricate digital montages which have up to 150 layers of images which sometimes explore the world around us and sometimes deconstruct it. 


The finished pieces have multiple layers, literally and figuratively. 

There is a juggling of spaces and deliberate confusion between positive and negative space.

There is a comic/visual tension between historical gravitas and slightly bonkers modern.


They are fascinating to create as they are a sort of stream of consciousness over which I have little control. 

I do not know where they come from or how they evolve! 


They are also fascinating for the viewer to explore and get lost in;  

They are vaguely inspired by medieval tapestries but sabotaged by an absurdist juxtaposition of disparate images in a Weird Where’s Wally World


They range from Romantic and Lyrical to the Seriously Silly.


All prints are signed, numbered and dated.

There are 20 prints  in each edition.


THE OCTOPUS' S GARDEN.                                                                       $2000

© 2019 Veronica Holland

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